Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I know this is --NO BIG DEAL---but I did it and went for a 35min walk today---then came home and did yard work for an hour or so. I AM PROUD OF MYSELF!
16 days out and I feel sooo much better. I woke up this morning so grateful that most of the pain is gone. My body can finally relax. I started taking Celebrex 2days ago so maybe that has something to do with it. I need to make myself walk more----I have really bad feet ---which is one of the reasons I had LB surgery. I haven't lost any weight for 10 day's or so ---I hope I'm not one of the ones that doesn't lose weight. If the end of the world came---I have always said, I would be the last one left ----because I can maintain with very few calories.

OK---I'm over it! On to better things ;-)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Just got back from the first dr's visit----everything looks good---can't go swimming for 4 weeks---which is sad because that is my main form of exercise because I have bad feet. Dang!
Next visit in 4 weeks for first fill.

First Post Ever

Hi Everyone---I've been wanting to start this blog for months but didn't have the skills to make it happen. My son is home from SFSU this week and helped me to make it happen.
To me, it seems to have been a long journey. I have been heavy 136lbs (in 6th grade)for most of my life.I do like to exercise --but it has never been enough to come out on the normal side of the scale.
I'll start from :
6/09 when I first got very serious about having LB surgery. My husbands insurance company has a bariatric restriction ---so---with a lot of what if's---the answer was NO.
Jan/10 my mother who really doesn't have a lot of money gave me a wonderful gift---the $ to pay for the surgery or what ever ( as long as my health was involved) AMAZING!!
3/15/10 LB surgery
3/29/10 (Today) First Dr's appointment since surgery.
I have so much more to say --but this is a start. Thanks for listening!