Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Was it my Lucky Red Shirt?

Ohhhh-----I get it! This is what restriction is and feels like. Amazing!!!

Yesterday was my soft food day and I ate a couple of things that didn't really feel right--watermelon and a couple of chips( I know chips aren't soft) that gave me that stuck feeling which I have never had before. Today I have eaten an egg and cottage cheese for breakfast, vitamins, tuna with greek yogurt and crackers for lunch and I chew chew chewed and ate very slowly. Everything went down but I can feel my band talking to me---OMG!!!!

You know I have been listening to all of you and playing by the rules BUT have felt very disconnected---like maybe LB won't work for me--although I have to say my band or something (maybe all of you)have made me feel OK with being patient.

I thank you all for that!

Now it's time to really figure out how my band works!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lucky Red Shirt

OK---What ever works---I wore my lucky red shirt for my second fill today. I got a PA I had never had, Richard, and he was awesome. Found the port first time and was very soft and gentle about everything. I started 3 months ago with NO fill ---7 weeks later 5 cc and(still no restriction). I questioned him about having to wait so long for any restriction and he said there are many thoughts about that---but he believed --having given fills for 7 yrs ---that slower is better. Well alright then! He said he wouldn't know how much to give me until the water didn't go down easily. He said he usually didn't give people this much ---but because I lived close he would try. Who knows how much he gave me but ---I CHICKENED OUT---and told him that I would do what he thought was best---after having a pretty tight feeling in my chest(but the water still went down)- --SO --he took some out. I ended up with 3cc added to my 5 for a total of 8cc. We shall see ;-) I burped with every drink of water and thought about all the things you have all said about burps and gurgling . Today liquids and tomorrow soft food.
I hope I can feel it!!! Richard said he would see me in 8 WEEKS---and probably fine tune it!
Wish me luck!!