Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thank You.........Thank You

I can't tell you what a thrill it gave me yesterday, to come home from work, and find, I was "BOOB OF THE DAY". I love you guys!! Special thanks to Drazil and BG!!!!XOXO

Staying busy trying to get the gardens and house looking their best. We have decided to have a wedding celebration party for Brooke and Sky. Yes, they already had one in NO CA a month ago.... but my son would like to have one down here(So Ca) with his friends and our neighbors. We figure around 100 people. We are using their $ that we gave them. Brooke would rather go on a vacation( she is now 6 mo's pregnant and tired)...but not our son! Here are his wants: FOOD, BOOZE and MUSIC............."Nothing else Mom...don't go crazy" So there you have it! My husband and I have been stringing little globe lights everywhere and we plan on having hundreds of candles looks awesome .......very festive. Every time we go somewhere we bring in sh$$t loads of booze. We are having a taco catering grill company come for 3 hrs at $6.75 a person. That includes beans ,rice and unlimited freshly made tacos and sauces. I think that sounds very reasonable. I am trying really hard not to rent linens and round tables and bars because ...of the"don't go crazy" warning I've been given. ;-) We have 3 weeks to get ready.

PS New low this morning 170.2 OMG!! We are going to a friends bbq tonight...great wine and lots of homemade treats...hope I keep the new low!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Soooooooo hard to write

What's up with that? I've kept my weight the same.
I'm not lower, BUT...about the same.

I went to get my hair cut yesterday and ROBERTO, whom I've used for 25 years, slapped my butt and told me I was sexy............funny!

Is that a NSV?