Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yes--there are many wonders to behold

Yesterday while at work at the jewelry store the most wonderful thing happened. A young man in his late 20's was in shopping for a engagement ring. His finances were an issue and as he narrowed his choices down to 3 rings he kept relaying stories of his love for his girlfriend and her likes and dislikes. Another one of our very good customers who was near by shopping overheard some of his conversations and was overcome with joy and love for this young man. Come to find out he had stirred memories of her grandson, who had died in a car accident, 10 years earlier and would've been around the same age. She wrote a check for $1000 dollars, to us ,to be given to him anonymously. I wish you all could have been there when we showed him the check and told him the story. He teared up, as we all did and asked if he could thank her. She was gone...

Tis the season!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lost in La La Land!

I've been following everyones posts but have been too busy to compose my own--or too lazy---writing is not my forte.

Work at the jewelry store has been very busy--even though I only work 2 days a week--it is 11 hours straight on your feet and a lot of very needy people to serve. Most of the time I enjoy it!

There have been a lot of parties and dinners and many more to come. My restriction has unfortunately been waning and I find myself able to eat just about anything--even steak the other night at a party with no problems. I have been up 1.5 pounds for a week and then this morning another 1.5--for a total of 3 from my lowest-DANG!! Should I go in for a small fill? There are still so many parties coming up. My husband would like me to wait until after the holidays because he enjoys me being able to drink and eat more. I'm uncomfortable with myself ---and keeping a close eye on the scale!

I love that I look better in some of my clothes at the parties--and have noticed more men looking and more women scorning!! Funny how that works!!

My 1 year of free fills--part of my cash package deal with the WLC is almost up soon 3/15/11. They charge $290 cash for a fill, sooo- I started looking around thanks to all of you and found a Fill center USA, very close. They charge $349 for their initial visit unless they are having a special $299 deal and $165 for later fills. How does that sound to all of you out there? (They do not use a floroscope (sp?) but either does my place)

I love all the lights, smells, music and I could keep going on--of Christmas!!!! I wish I knew how to post pictures ;-)

2 blocks from my house there is a YMCA, with an outdoor 25 meter lap pool, kept around 80 degrees---NICE! Going swimming now!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Last week I felt like I didn't need a fill so I canceled today's. Now after this weekend --which I had little trouble eating anything---I am wondering if I did the right thing. I need to find a name for my fickle friend the band. I'm going to hold out for a few days and see what happens!

Good Luck to everyone with this wonderful --stressful--holiday season coming upon us soooo quickly!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cancel my fill please!

I just called and canceled my fill appointment for Monday. My DH and I were talking about my eating habits yesterday and he agreed with me that everything is perfect right now---why would I chance it for one speck more?? It is really hard to get into my clinic--at least a 6 week wait--but when I called she said if I changed my mind or decided later that I want a small fill --she could get me in in a few days.

Well alright then!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thank You Band---For allowing me the pleasure of last night!!

Seasons 52---is now our spot for special occasions. We had a wonderful time and the food was incredible. We had a very cozy booth in the piano bar and the music was perfect. We started out with a free wine tasting to decide what we wanted and my DH was able to pick 2 he loved and I changed my mind and went for a organic orange infused martini ---yum---in fact I had 2. We started with a flat bread plank (kind of like a very thin cracker) grilled with artichokes and spinach and caramelized onions and feta. I had about 3 pieces out of 10 and they went down easily. Then we shared an appetizer of mushrooms stuffed with crab and shrimp and some kind of cheese ( about the size of a quarter). I had 4 out of 10--They were a little slow going down --sooo I had to slow down. Soooo yummy! Then DH and I split a Scallops dinner which was grilled and served with tiny pasta w/sun dried tomatoes and asparagus . I had 4 scallops ,2 asparagus and 1 bite of pasta. It all went down very smoothly. Then because it was our Anniversary they brought over the dessert tray which are shot glasses filled with anything you could ever want and let us chose 2 desserts on the house. We had a pecan pie and a chocolate one. The service was the best and the atmosphere was so much fun. All together we were there for 3 hours. An interesting fact is that nothing on the menu is over 475 calories! They pride themselves on that!

And the best part of all is yesterday morning I weighed 194.6 and this morning I was 193.4--I'll take it!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Seasons 52

Woops I was wrong I called it Seasons 53---it's Seasons 52!

Our 20th Anniversary

Actually DH and I have been together for 29 years but today is our official Wedding Anniversary for 20 years. Amazing! We are going to Season's 53 tonight, a new restaurant that just opened up in our area.We have heard and read some great reviews. We want to sit in the piano bar area where they also serve dinner. They have an extensive wine selection and special martini's ---I don't know which I will chose yet ;-) after all it's only 10:00 am--NOW. If you have time, go and check out their web site. They have a lot of their recipes on Vlogs, with their famous chefs cooking. Very Cool!
I'll fill you in with the details tomorrow! I'm going swimming---

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Question???

Is anyone else having problems with viewing your followers? Sometimes mine show and most of the time not. I also can't see your followers or join your blog most of the time.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

We had a great time!

Chris Trapper was great !! He wrote and sang(?) the title song in 'August Rush' a great movie. The song sticks with you-- kind of haunting. It was really warm outside and love was in the air! I especially liked all the young people 25-35. They are sooo fun!
Did I say this before in a wedding blog??

Tonight we are going to a-- bring a very nice bottle of wine party, in our own "hood",with 10 or so neighbors. Thank God!!! I have a band and won't be tooo tempted by all the great food. Now if I can just keep the wine to a minimum ---maybe --yes--maybe?????

Going swimming now!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Having some fun tonight

Our neighborhood is party central---and my family loves it! Tonight we have been invited to a concert on the other side of town. Live music---Chris Trapper & his band--- excellent musician--story teller--a lot like Bob Dylan and John Prine. Should be a great time --bring your own wine and light appetizers. All in their backyard under the stars. And what a perfect day for it. We are having record breaking temperatures in the 90's here, near the beach. FUN!!

Still dealing with the shingle issues ---but no serious pain any longer!

Going to be a good girl and go swimming now--talk to you soon!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Well--- after all the pain, antibiotics, diarrhea, nausea, loss of work and money, I broke out in a rash a few days ago and have been diagnosed with shingles --not diverticulitis! My Internist thinks it might be because of losing weight and the band---just a guess---I say!!! Now he wants me to write a letter to the ER because all the symptoms I didn't have, like---no fever, low WBC count and no diverticulitis on the Cat Scan prove that I never had it. They just needed to give a diagnosis and the consequences were awful!!!

Feeling a lot better and off to a much better week!

Ate 5 or 6 pieces of Butterfinger last night and woke up at 2:00 am jacked up---who says sugar doesn't make you craaaazzzzzy?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Could there be??

Has anyone ever had or does anyone think there could be any correlation with the band and diverticulitis? Mine is in the port area.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where do I start?

It's been weeks and a lot of water has flowed under the bridge-

I'll start with 2 weeks ago, the week leading up to my birthday was great!! I talked my self into buying this beautiful tourmaline (rubilite) and diamond ring from the jewelry store where I work. It's beautiful! Got lots of gifts and cards with loving wishes. Had really been feeling at the top of my game. Hosted a sit down dinner for 12 for an old neighbor who was visiting from Kauai, on my birthday. Finished washing dishes that night and fell into bed exhausted and woke 1 hr later with excruciating pain, radiating from under my ribs on the left side near my port. Didn't sleep all night--suffered the next day. Called the Lap band clinic -they said to take Tylenol-sounded like a pulled muscle or go to the ER. Next day was still really bad -went to see my Internist(who had recommended Lap Band). I told him I thought I might have a kidney stone and he said NO WAY-he thought it had something to do with the band and told me to call them back. When I did they never called me back. I HAD to go to work on Friday -they let me go home after half a day. When I got home I was in so much pain I couldn't lie down. I called my husband and he came home early and we went to the ER ( at the hospital that did my surgery) where they gave me morphine and did a Cat Scan and blood work. The results were I have Diverticulitis----soooooo painful! They gave me 2 heavy duty antibiotics, that I need to take for 10 days. I am still 4 days out,8 total, still in pain and the anti's give me radical diarrhea and nausea. The only good part is I have lost 7 pounds.

Now the saddest part of my story is my dog Luna, a Corgi /Golden Retriever(the cutest and sweetest dog you've ever seen) passed away yesterday. She was 17 years old and started to not feel well on Sunday. She wouldn't eat or take liquids. My husband and I decided I would watch her yesterday ( she actually never let me out of her sight) and if she was in pain we would take her to the vet. By 3:00, I called him and our favorite vet was in and said he would have time at 5:30, to examine her. DH came home at 5:00 sat and petted her for 10 min--picked her up to carry her to the car and she died in his arms on the way to the car. It was an amazing moment --like she was lifted up by Angels. We didn't need to make the final decision--she saved us from that. We miss her very much!! It's very lonely walking into an empty house.

Life is an amazing thing! Enjoy it!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I really do think this is it!!!

I'm there!!

Last night I was able to eat an enchilada and beans--very slowly and lots of chew-chew-chewing.
Some times nothing wants to go down,while others-- no problem--if I follow the rules.

I have no hunger-
Lots of energy-
I need to remind myself to drink water--I think that's why my band hurt me the other night--dehydration!

Still learning everyday!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Is this it?

Last Monday I had a .5cc fill and I think I am at my sweet spot!!! My hunger is gone and this week I am a little tighter than last. Sometimes it is hard to eat. Most times I can have a few bites --but no more. I wonder if I need .25cc's taken out--but it is sure nice not being hungry. I have had a few weird PB's and I woke up last night with my band hurting after I had been asleep for 3 hrs. I am going to wait it out to see what happens. I have lost 5 or 6 pounds in the past week --which is more than I lost in the past 5 months.

I've had 2 nights worth of dreams about (Roller coaster)Sandy?? Always fun, she is visiting me and we are always looking at gardens and flowers. Interesting! Maybe this is a sign Sandy?? Next time you're in CA---mi casa es su casa!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday --Monday can't trust that day

I break out into song quite often---It's a good thing for me--I don't know about you? ;-)

Got my 4th fill today .6cc, which means I am now at 9.6. The PA had a hard time getting the needle in and bent the first one. She had to give me more Lidocaine then go in again for the second try.---SUCCESS----the water was moving down very slow with 1cc. I asked her why I can take so much while others really can't ---she said generally the less fat you have around your stomach the more room for the band to expand (I carry my weight on my bottom half) greaaaaat! She has only seen two people who have had their band totally filled.

You Boob gals made my weekend. Even though I couldn't make it this time, I'm saving for the next. I love all the pictures and putting names on the faces.

Take good care of yourselves -


Monday, September 13, 2010

OMG I have missed you all so much!!!!I

I just finished reading several blogs and was so filled with HOPE---LOVE--- INSPIRATION??? I'm soooo glad I found you all. Sometimes you need to go away to realize how important some things are to you!

Just got back last night from a week long vacation visiting my brother in Milwaukee. My mother came along also, so it was like a mini family reunion. The 3 of us haven't spent much time together for many years. We drove all over up and down the state of Wisconsin---not like spending time with your girlfriends ---but fun and necessary once in a while to get caught up with family. If it had been a week or 2 later I would of met up with you all in Chicago! My mom and I noticed the biggest difference between there and where we live is that people weren't out . Everywhere we went no one was out walking around and everyone's houses had the shades drawn. I know why but I don't think I could live like that after living with every window and door open most all the time. My brother said he could never live here again because of all the people. I am lucky ---I can usually come and go when I choose---which makes life easier. If I lived in a small town I would need to join every organization I could like-- botanical gardens, book clubs, YMCA swimming pools, etc.

One good thing about my vacation is I didn't gain any weight, in fact, I might even be down a pound. I am sooooo close to "Onederland" I can taste it! 200.5---Soon you will see me on the other side!!! I have a fill date in 2 weeks ---I still want a (little) more added--maybe .25 or .50. I am tight, BUT --- I can still eat anything, if I follow the rules.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We're Back

Well we're back from our trip and for the most part we had a great time. I had some pretty tight restriction several times, but no PBing. My girlfriend is a wonderful cook and made us some amazing meals which I was able to eat just the right amount of.(NICE) It's strange that you never know when you will have restriction---mostly when you least expect it----like when I had 1 french fries off my husbands plate before eating my bowl of roasted garlic tomato soup---and none of it would go down. The waitress even came by and asked if I was OK(embarrassing). When I get that stuck feeling I turn beet red and my eyes water---real cute!

Now that we are home and I am back on my routine --I really feel less restriction than at first---I hope it comes back more often. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


This might be it ---or close! At 9cc, I am NOW living with restriction and have lost the greater part of my hunger. What a relief after 5 months. Sometimes I can't eat at all and others I can eat the perfect amount. I hope this lasts!!!

We are leaving for a week in the morning to drive DS2 up to San Francisco for his 2nd year of college. We have friends who live in Moss Beach so we will stay in a hotel near by and just play and relax for a few days. On our way home we are going to take Hwy 101 and stay in Paso Robles for a couple of days. There's beautiful country to see and we plan on doing some wine tasting and replenishing our empty bottles with fresh olive oil and balsamic vinegars.

It will be different to go on a vacation with restriction---I'll keep you posted when we get back.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The 3rd fill

Well I just got back from seeing the PA and got my 3rd fill.
1st fill 5cc
2nd 3cc
3rd 1cc
For a total of 9cc in my 11cc Realize Band. Went very smoothly,drank the water with no problem. I'm on liquids today. I had lost 2 lbs in the last 2 months. I am just a slow loser---better than gaining!!

I hope this fill helps me lose the hunger---I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Here is my first photo taken today on my way to get a haircut! My son helped me---I don't even know how to text-

Different generation ;-)

Monday, August 2, 2010


Had a great time this weekend. Went to a beautiful wedding with lots of 20-30 year olds and LOVE was in the air. Even though my feet and knee's didn't want me to, DH and I danced the night away. Wine is definitely a good pain killer and motivator---not that I need the latter.

Had a little NSV --the dress that I like to wear to weddings hasn't fit for at least 5 years and when I went to try it on a week or so ago it fit perfectly---NICE!!!!

Came out of the week with no gain or loss---can't wait until my next fill!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Too long!!

I read everyones blogs ---and love and learn from them---but somehow I feel like it is tooo much of an effort to write my thoughts down.

After reading at one point that BG kept track of all her information on FitDay --I too started to keep track of what I ate, the calories and protein.(Thank You for the help) It was a good thing for a couple of months then I started to feel like a slave to it. Then when I read on "Gen's greatest 100 pound loser's"(sorry if the name is wrong) that BG really didn't keep track physically any longer and really wasn't on a diet --I too in a frustrated moment decided to quit journaling. After all that is really one of the reasons why I got the LB--so I wouldn't always feel like I was dieting. My attitude is good --I am in it for the long haul---but---damn---the weight loss is slow. I have lost 3 or 4 pounds in the last 3 months.

I had my first throwing up episode the other night. We had gone to a friends house for dinner after a very busy 10 hr day at work and I wasn't able to eat or drink much that day. There wasn't much LB friendly food to eat(tri-tip that you couldn't chew enough) and I ended up drinking a lot of great wine. When DH and I finally got home around 1am, he pulled out a big bag of Dorito chips so I joined in. About 2 handfuls went down pretty easy BUT then look out-- I was standing over my bathroom sink pucking like crazy ( NO FUN!!!)

I am learning that my LB has it's own mind. At random times it will decide to be tight --while others I can eat anything( mostly the latter). WHAT WILL MY SWEET SPOT FEEL LIKE??? Or is this it??

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dazed after the 4th

The long weekend is over --but somehow I am having a hard time getting back on the wagon. We did have a great time with family and friends-
It was also the first year my DH and I haven't volunteered to work at a fire works booth for 5 years or more. NICE!!

Someday I promise to learn how to take pictures and add them to my blog---they really do make for a more interesting story ;-)

After my second fill 3 weeks ago I was amazed at how restriction felt. Now I feel a little stuck if I eat too fast --so I slow down and wait 5 minutes or so. I can eat anything and do not really fill up fast. I am having a hard time not eating too much and making the right choices. I do feel like I can have anything I want but try to keep the portions smaller. I have lost 6 pounds in the last 3 1/2 months and none really since my 3cc fill 3 weeks ago. My next fill isn't until Aug 18th. DANG!!!
I am pretty good with exercise--I swim 3-4 days a week (laps for 45 mins )and work standing up for 10 hours every Friday. Besides taking care of a yard and garden and keeping the house clean ---that's about all the standing up my feet can handle.

I wonder where my sweet spot will be---and what will it feel like? I hope it stops me from wanting to eat!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Was it my Lucky Red Shirt?

Ohhhh-----I get it! This is what restriction is and feels like. Amazing!!!

Yesterday was my soft food day and I ate a couple of things that didn't really feel right--watermelon and a couple of chips( I know chips aren't soft) that gave me that stuck feeling which I have never had before. Today I have eaten an egg and cottage cheese for breakfast, vitamins, tuna with greek yogurt and crackers for lunch and I chew chew chewed and ate very slowly. Everything went down but I can feel my band talking to me---OMG!!!!

You know I have been listening to all of you and playing by the rules BUT have felt very disconnected---like maybe LB won't work for me--although I have to say my band or something (maybe all of you)have made me feel OK with being patient.

I thank you all for that!

Now it's time to really figure out how my band works!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lucky Red Shirt

OK---What ever works---I wore my lucky red shirt for my second fill today. I got a PA I had never had, Richard, and he was awesome. Found the port first time and was very soft and gentle about everything. I started 3 months ago with NO fill ---7 weeks later 5 cc and(still no restriction). I questioned him about having to wait so long for any restriction and he said there are many thoughts about that---but he believed --having given fills for 7 yrs ---that slower is better. Well alright then! He said he wouldn't know how much to give me until the water didn't go down easily. He said he usually didn't give people this much ---but because I lived close he would try. Who knows how much he gave me but ---I CHICKENED OUT---and told him that I would do what he thought was best---after having a pretty tight feeling in my chest(but the water still went down)- --SO --he took some out. I ended up with 3cc added to my 5 for a total of 8cc. We shall see ;-) I burped with every drink of water and thought about all the things you have all said about burps and gurgling . Today liquids and tomorrow soft food.
I hope I can feel it!!! Richard said he would see me in 8 WEEKS---and probably fine tune it!
Wish me luck!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fun Sunday

Woke up late ---read the Sunday paper---my husband and I read through recipes to find an awesome and fancy appetizer we could take to the BBQ we are going to at 4:00--Lot's of good food and this couple have a really nice wine cellar mmmmmm! We're making Gougeres--bite size cheesey little puffs.
But first I just woke the boy up and the 3 of us are going to go swim laps for an hour or so.
I'm pretty happy---this morning I was at my lowest 207.5 ---finally! I have actually been eating more calories for the last week or so (1000 to 1200) could that be why? weird!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Need to post

I started to complain about no restriction ---then chose not to. I find it hard to find things to blog about---actually I give much better phone or one on one. I went swimming this morning --it is beautiful here. Lot's of gardening to be done --I have many tropicals and they grow fast.
Next Thursday my husband and I are going wine tasting with 2 other couples for 4 days. We are staying in this great little hotel on the beach in Pismo Beach, Ca. and commuting to Paso Robles, for wine tasting . We are going to rent a van so we can all ride together and have room to bring home our cases of wine. FUN!! So somehow I need to figure out how to lose a few pounds so I am ahead of the game for next week. Can't wait until I don't have to diet any longer. My next fill is June 14 and I really haven't lost any weight for 2 1/2 months ---But on the up side I haven't gained any either. I do feel like my clothes and attitude are better ;-)
Have a great Memorial weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm almost finished doing laundry,watering and packing. We are leaving early tomorrow morning on an 8hr drive to SF to bring our son home from college. We plan on spending a day or 2 with our friends in Half Moon Bay ...FUN!! Took our dog to stay at my Mother's and she filled the car with (dishes,towels,microwave.....and you name it) for our sons off campus apartment. He will be moving into it in Aug.
Wish I had some restriction --it will be hard to be in control under these circumstances.
Have a great weekend everyone----and as Sandy said"a toast to the Queen"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

No Dieting !!!

It is really hard to maintain or lose weight when you have no restriction. As much as I really don't want to ever be on another diet ---I am always counting calories and exercising and journaling ---with no LOSE!! Just like before!! My Dr makes you wait 7-8 weeks between fills and my first one 3 weeks ago didn't help at all.
A funny thing happened during my last fill ---I asked the PA to explain --SLIDERS--to me and she asked if I was talking about small hamburgers.
Kinda of indicative of this surgery center.
Well it's a beautiful day here in paradise --I've already been swimming and my garden is calling. My paramedic/firefighter son is coming in from Northern CA. this afternoon to visit for a few days---FUN!!
Next week we're driving to San Francisco to bring #2 son home from college for the summer.
Sounds like lots of opportunities to eat and drink things I shouldn't.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

San Francisco

My DH and I had a great time. We stayed at a charming, retro style, hotel near Union Square and spent most of our time with our son -WALKING- around, shopping , looking at art, learning the transportation system(awesome)and eating amazing food. I didn't consume massive amounts--but definitely my share -plus some. A couple of Grey Goose martini's and a glass of wine or two made their way in also. Mmmm-- Oh yea----We also helped our son rent his first off campus apt with 2 other friends. I think it will work out -- for everyone.
I am not going to weigh myself until tomorrow---give myself a day to get on track and drink my water.
Oh BTW I still don't feel like I have any restriction and it has been a week since my first fill --last Monday! DANG!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Come what may ;-)

OK--I wasn't going to say anything ---but I was sooooo motivated by everyone else's blogs that I just had to say something--My husband and I are on our way to San Francisco for 3 days to celebrate or sons 19th birthday(he goes to SFSU) FUN!! lot's of food and ??? Wish me luck!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

What 5 cc's gets you

OK it's official--the PA took me into the room asked me if I was excited --You Bet!!!---asked me to lie down ---gave me a shot of Lidocaine---probed around for the port--found it---stuck the needle with 5 cc's in it---it was a very different feeling and sound (kind of a gurgle and the sensation of water swirling around my band for the first time). She then had me sit up and drink 3 large gulps of water --that went down very easily. That's it!! I asked when I come back --she said 7 weeks. I asked what if I have NO RESTRICTION? She said maybe you won't--it usually takes most people 3-4 times. I asked why I had to wait so long ---she said it was a overbooked scheduling issue---GREAT!!
So today liquids--tomorrow mushies---then eat very slowly and chew -chew -chew. She wants it to take 40min to eat 1/2 cup.
As the Lidocaine is wearing off right now --I do have a weird numb and tingling feeling in my left arm and hand. Different??
I just made myself a cup of mint tea and my band or stomach is singing praise--funny!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Question

This coming Monday at 2:45 I go in for my first fill ---What a relief ---because I can eat anything ---and hunger has been creeping back up on me. The question---Do I fast before? My Dr. said nothing and when his office called to confirm, while I was at work , they said nothing.
Can't wait to see how the band works after all of this preparation!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wow---I can be such a party girl. We went to Portland , Oregon for the last 5 days to celebrate my husbands parents 60th anniversary. They are pretty heavy drinkers under the circumstances---and I found myself not wanting to resist. Kind of like when in Rome do as the Roman's do. When I drink I am not real good with my food choices sooooo---We're back and I am up 5 or 6 pounds. Taking Prednisone for a week also didn't help---but I can tell you I have a new sense of purpose thanks to the LB and all of you out there. My first 6 week fill is this coming Monday( I have NO restriction now). Can't wait for a little help here ;-) Especially because we have several more fun trips planned in the next month or two.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yahoooo it has finally happened! Tomorrow it will be 4 weeks since I had surgery and I had not lost 1 pound --in fact I gained 2lbs. Now today I am down 4lbs which translates into 2lbs since March 15. I am thrilled!! Thank you to everyone who told me to relax and heal. Because I stopped fretting a week or 2 ago.

I do need to say- I can't get BG and her book off my mind---It's a thankful ,wonderful and apprehensive thing for me. I will write about that soon.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I don't want to appear negative---and this is not an excuse-- but something I need to get out. I hope the LB works for me!!---I want to explain my feet issues--- I have always had bad feet --lots of orthopedic Dr's and what ever--have not helped but I have been able to live with my issues and have carried on quite normally ---even ran in my 20-30's and walked miles in my 40's . About two years ago my feet were killing me so I went to a new doctor, recommended by my Internist. This guy told me that I had the worst feet he had seen in 25 yrs of practice and my future was going to be miserable ---foot surgeries--knee surgeries---hip and back surgeries and a wheel chair within 5 yrs. The only thing I could do to HELP fight this off is lose weight. So 2 1/2 yrs later I have actually put on 20 lbs or so (how sick is that?) I have gone to other podiatrist's , but no solutions. Last year I found a great Orthopedic surgeon and he was going to start the process of rebuilding me. I was scheduled for surgery May 1,2009. He was going to break all the bones in my right foot (to start) and put me in a immobilization cast for 4-6 weeks-- wheel chair-- walker --crutches and 6 months to a year to fully heal. Then on to the next foot then my knee's. I have hyper extended joints.
When I went to my pulmonary-Internist-friend) for my final clearance for surgery----He said NO WAY!! There are no guarantees that this will work ---and you are too heavy . Lose weight-- that will help and leave your feet alone. He recommended weight loss surgery and here I am. Walking is really hard for me sooo swimming is my exercise of choice. Right now I have been told to stay out of the water for 6 weeks.

When I went to work last Friday, after not being there for 2 weeks , I was almost paralyzed by the end of the day. I know I should be walking (and want to) but it's kind of like I only have so much of my feet left and need to decide how to best use them----wow-- I'm getting teary eyed. I want vacations and everyday stuff.
Sooooo ---that's my story in a nut shell! I hope LB works for me!

Oh by the way---No stiletto's for me ---I am stuck with these butt ugly shoe's ---but they keep me walking!
It's funny when I watch people check me out ---they think-- Hmmm--cute face--ok body--uuugly shoe's! FUNNY!!

PS I am 5'4'' and weigh 212 lbs today.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Well---after going to our friends house for dinner last night I've come to the conclusion that it is really hard to eat and not drink wine at the same time and stick to a half to 1 cup of food. Wine brings my other side out ( party girl!) I had a few bites of cheese appetizer(because they wanted me to try it). 1 piece of everything pizza, 2 mussels, 2 oz tomato salad and 10oz of wine. Today I am up 2 lbs ---which is a bummer because I haven't gone up or down for 3 weeks. Now today Easter we are meeting with 5 couples for dinner---more wine!! Oh well!! I'm over it---I will be good and consistent this week.
You should see the awesome new food scale my husband bought me yesterday---clear glass and stainless ---NICE! I measured my cottage cheese this morning and I have been cheating myself;-)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

First thing this morning I was reading everyone's blogs and my husband walked in with my coffee and started laughing ---he can't believe I'm doing this. I told him I've wanted to blog for month's-(he's been too busy to help me)--but didn't know how to start --sooo I have been a voyeur ;-) Not so bad--because I have learned a lot about the LB and all of you. I am so glad to be here!
We talked about planning a trip to San Francisco for a couple of days, around the first of May. It will be our sons 19th birthday(he's a student at SFSU). We will fly up -take the Bart-stay in a cute little boutique hotel--have our son meet us and show us around and go to some nice restaurants.
Losing weight is helping to bring my old self back---my feet and weight --have been slowing me down---But my mind will NOT allow it to happen any longer! ;-)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I want to talk LB for a moment----I have a realize C with 11cc's capacity--- I was just banded 3/15/10 and my Dr. chose not to give me any fill for 6 weeks. Did anyone else have to wait?
What do you think would be the maximum amount of ounces I should consume at 1 time? I am afraid to go over 8 or 900 calories a day---but it would be real easy to.
OK---Am I the oldest person to be banded?? When my mom gave me the $ for the LB--I hesitated--she asked me what I was waiting for. She was right --we're not getting any younger---So here's to making the most of each day!

Tomorrow is my first day back at work--it should be interesting---10 hrs of standing and steps.

Thank you for joining my blog BG, Sandy and Michelle---makes me happy!

Someday I will learn how to create a scale and add pictures ---I promise ;-)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I know this is --NO BIG DEAL---but I did it and went for a 35min walk today---then came home and did yard work for an hour or so. I AM PROUD OF MYSELF!
16 days out and I feel sooo much better. I woke up this morning so grateful that most of the pain is gone. My body can finally relax. I started taking Celebrex 2days ago so maybe that has something to do with it. I need to make myself walk more----I have really bad feet ---which is one of the reasons I had LB surgery. I haven't lost any weight for 10 day's or so ---I hope I'm not one of the ones that doesn't lose weight. If the end of the world came---I have always said, I would be the last one left ----because I can maintain with very few calories.

OK---I'm over it! On to better things ;-)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Just got back from the first dr's visit----everything looks good---can't go swimming for 4 weeks---which is sad because that is my main form of exercise because I have bad feet. Dang!
Next visit in 4 weeks for first fill.

First Post Ever

Hi Everyone---I've been wanting to start this blog for months but didn't have the skills to make it happen. My son is home from SFSU this week and helped me to make it happen.
To me, it seems to have been a long journey. I have been heavy 136lbs (in 6th grade)for most of my life.I do like to exercise --but it has never been enough to come out on the normal side of the scale.
I'll start from :
6/09 when I first got very serious about having LB surgery. My husbands insurance company has a bariatric restriction ---so---with a lot of what if's---the answer was NO.
Jan/10 my mother who really doesn't have a lot of money gave me a wonderful gift---the $ to pay for the surgery or what ever ( as long as my health was involved) AMAZING!!
3/15/10 LB surgery
3/29/10 (Today) First Dr's appointment since surgery.
I have so much more to say --but this is a start. Thanks for listening!