Thursday, January 12, 2012


I have NO excuse for not blogging. I follow each and every one of you everyday and love and appreciate you all.

The holidays were different because the kids didn't come home for the first time ever. DS2 had to work at the toy store and DS1 has his own family now and had to work also. DH and I had and went to many parties and basically had a wonderful low stress holiday! I baked and cooked a lot and ended up with O weight gain....I love the band!!!

I still want to lose 25 lbs but really haven't lost any weight for 4-6 months. Like I keep reading from a lot of you's not the's up to me to get serious if I'm going to lose more....and it just isn't in my mind set ..RIGHT NOW!!

I've been swimming 3-4 times a week even though I have a bum arm I'm dealing with.

Life is good right now...even though my husbands job is winding down . We will deal with that when it happens!

Until next time...I will try to write more ..