Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday --Monday can't trust that day

I break out into song quite often---It's a good thing for me--I don't know about you? ;-)

Got my 4th fill today .6cc, which means I am now at 9.6. The PA had a hard time getting the needle in and bent the first one. She had to give me more Lidocaine then go in again for the second try.---SUCCESS----the water was moving down very slow with 1cc. I asked her why I can take so much while others really can't ---she said generally the less fat you have around your stomach the more room for the band to expand (I carry my weight on my bottom half) greaaaaat! She has only seen two people who have had their band totally filled.

You Boob gals made my weekend. Even though I couldn't make it this time, I'm saving for the next. I love all the pictures and putting names on the faces.

Take good care of yourselves -


Monday, September 13, 2010

OMG I have missed you all so much!!!!I

I just finished reading several blogs and was so filled with HOPE---LOVE--- INSPIRATION??? I'm soooo glad I found you all. Sometimes you need to go away to realize how important some things are to you!

Just got back last night from a week long vacation visiting my brother in Milwaukee. My mother came along also, so it was like a mini family reunion. The 3 of us haven't spent much time together for many years. We drove all over up and down the state of Wisconsin---not like spending time with your girlfriends ---but fun and necessary once in a while to get caught up with family. If it had been a week or 2 later I would of met up with you all in Chicago! My mom and I noticed the biggest difference between there and where we live is that people weren't out . Everywhere we went no one was out walking around and everyone's houses had the shades drawn. I know why but I don't think I could live like that after living with every window and door open most all the time. My brother said he could never live here again because of all the people. I am lucky ---I can usually come and go when I choose---which makes life easier. If I lived in a small town I would need to join every organization I could like-- botanical gardens, book clubs, YMCA swimming pools, etc.

One good thing about my vacation is I didn't gain any weight, in fact, I might even be down a pound. I am sooooo close to "Onederland" I can taste it! 200.5---Soon you will see me on the other side!!! I have a fill date in 2 weeks ---I still want a (little) more added--maybe .25 or .50. I am tight, BUT --- I can still eat anything, if I follow the rules.