Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thank You!

Thank you to all the ladies who commented on my blog yesterday and advised me to call my Dr. I called yesterday and got in first thing this morning for an unfill. I so loved the weight loss but the acid reflux wasn't worth it. They took .50cc's out, exactly what they put in 3 1/2 weeks ago (Dang!) She said that the cold had made my insides swell so she wants me to take Pepcid for a few days, stay on liquids for 3 days then mushies for 3 days. Kind of severe don't you think? Then I can come back Feb 24 and have a small fill if I feel like I need it. It will be my last visit prepaid from a year ago.
It will be interesting to see how this all turns out. Before I got the last fill I was hungry all the time. The PA say's I am not the same band wise as I was back during the first of Jan.

I'll keep you posted!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just Wondering??

My last fill was a month ago and at that point they put in .5 cc's bringing me up to 10.1 in an 11cc band. I was Ok tight wise for the first week and then I got a very bad cold /flu /cough thing and my band became very tight---with the side effect being acid reflux when I lie down or drink water or eat some foods. I also started taking Juice Plus+ a concentrated fruit and vegetable supplement during that period and wonder if that was causing the acid reflux so stopped taking it. Nothing changed! Now my cold is 90% over and I still have the acid reflux. It is not usually really bad but I always know it is there---kind of an acid feeling in my throat all the time. The good part of all of this is my weight loss has been great!! Love feeling like I'm not hungry and can truly only eat a little bit.

But here's the deal---I don't think it is good for the long term to have this condition. Will it change when my cold is totally over? Should I go for just a little unfill?

What do you think?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Question ????

Does anyone with the band take JUICE PLUS+ ? I just started about a week ago and wonder if a few symptoms I am having are related?

Thanks in advance for responding!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Maybe this can help

I still have this terrible cold and last night was an eye opener. I finished dinner at around 8 and I didn't go to bed until 11:30 and had nothing else to eat. Before I went to bed I decided to drink a glass of water because this cold comes with a terrible cough and I thought it would be good to be hydrated. As soon as I laid down I started to cough and get acid reflux ( this hadn't been a problem in the past). Until 2:30 --I just laid there and coughed and listened to my throat,port,stomach and you name it gurgle and burn. Finally I got up and went and got 2 extra pillows so I could sleep elevated. When ever I cough my husband tells me to drink water.

Well --here's my conclusion after all of that! If you have acid reflux at night-- sleep elevated. Some Dr just said something about using your PDR's under the feet at the head of your bed. And---- don't drink water if you have acid reflux at night. Because that is what really caused it to happen. The water just kind of festered in my stoma area because of the coughing.

I finally fell asleep after sucking on a cough drop for a little while.

ACID REFLUX is bad and I couldn't imagine living with it and what the long term consequences could bring!

Be well my friends!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


My 19 year old son is home from college for 4 weeks. A few days ago, he looks at me and says Mom, I can really tell you are losing a lot of weight. I say thank you! He says, is your baggy/ wrinkly skin ( I can't remember the exact word he used) going to shrink back up later? Maybe I hope so, I say! Then he says ---If not then WHY are you doing this??? Well OK!!! I came back with ---so I can walk and feel better and be healthier as I grow older. Then he said --Well then, I'm glad you did it!!

Aaah--- Out of the mouths of babes.


Gotta love em! ;-)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I have a cold!

And I think that is why my band has decided to become extra tight suddenly. Even water is a struggle. Hope this changes fast!! NO FUN!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A lot going on

First I'd like to say once again ---it is a privilege to read all of your posts ---I get sooo much usable information and joy from your words!

I went in for a fill on Monday because I--and my husband--noticed that I could eat a lot more than I did in Oct, with my last fill. Also, I paid cash for my band so I have until March 15, paid for. The nurse gave me .5cc, bringing me up to a total of 10.1 in an 11cc band. I'm a little tighter--but not that tight! I wonder what happens if I hit 11cc? When I went to register my weight on Realize my success, there was a 'RECALL" of my band posted. WEIRD! SCARY! They say that the defect only happens to 1 in a 1,000---but still!! ;-(

I am the same weight as I was in Oct, 191.8, but at least I made it thru the holidays with no gain. That would be unheard of in the past!! That would be considered a NSV--right?

You all have made me so envious with your new clothes. I feel like I really look different , but, I still wear the same size and clothes ---They just fit me better now! Funny! When I go shopping I think and feel like I should wear all these smaller sizes--but, they don't fit ;-(
I must say I have pretty good self esteem --because I look better in my minds eye than my dress size says.

Is that so bad?