Friday, April 30, 2010

Come what may ;-)

OK--I wasn't going to say anything ---but I was sooooo motivated by everyone else's blogs that I just had to say something--My husband and I are on our way to San Francisco for 3 days to celebrate or sons 19th birthday(he goes to SFSU) FUN!! lot's of food and ??? Wish me luck!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

What 5 cc's gets you

OK it's official--the PA took me into the room asked me if I was excited --You Bet!!!---asked me to lie down ---gave me a shot of Lidocaine---probed around for the port--found it---stuck the needle with 5 cc's in it---it was a very different feeling and sound (kind of a gurgle and the sensation of water swirling around my band for the first time). She then had me sit up and drink 3 large gulps of water --that went down very easily. That's it!! I asked when I come back --she said 7 weeks. I asked what if I have NO RESTRICTION? She said maybe you won't--it usually takes most people 3-4 times. I asked why I had to wait so long ---she said it was a overbooked scheduling issue---GREAT!!
So today liquids--tomorrow mushies---then eat very slowly and chew -chew -chew. She wants it to take 40min to eat 1/2 cup.
As the Lidocaine is wearing off right now --I do have a weird numb and tingling feeling in my left arm and hand. Different??
I just made myself a cup of mint tea and my band or stomach is singing praise--funny!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Question

This coming Monday at 2:45 I go in for my first fill ---What a relief ---because I can eat anything ---and hunger has been creeping back up on me. The question---Do I fast before? My Dr. said nothing and when his office called to confirm, while I was at work , they said nothing.
Can't wait to see how the band works after all of this preparation!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wow---I can be such a party girl. We went to Portland , Oregon for the last 5 days to celebrate my husbands parents 60th anniversary. They are pretty heavy drinkers under the circumstances---and I found myself not wanting to resist. Kind of like when in Rome do as the Roman's do. When I drink I am not real good with my food choices sooooo---We're back and I am up 5 or 6 pounds. Taking Prednisone for a week also didn't help---but I can tell you I have a new sense of purpose thanks to the LB and all of you out there. My first 6 week fill is this coming Monday( I have NO restriction now). Can't wait for a little help here ;-) Especially because we have several more fun trips planned in the next month or two.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yahoooo it has finally happened! Tomorrow it will be 4 weeks since I had surgery and I had not lost 1 pound --in fact I gained 2lbs. Now today I am down 4lbs which translates into 2lbs since March 15. I am thrilled!! Thank you to everyone who told me to relax and heal. Because I stopped fretting a week or 2 ago.

I do need to say- I can't get BG and her book off my mind---It's a thankful ,wonderful and apprehensive thing for me. I will write about that soon.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I don't want to appear negative---and this is not an excuse-- but something I need to get out. I hope the LB works for me!!---I want to explain my feet issues--- I have always had bad feet --lots of orthopedic Dr's and what ever--have not helped but I have been able to live with my issues and have carried on quite normally ---even ran in my 20-30's and walked miles in my 40's . About two years ago my feet were killing me so I went to a new doctor, recommended by my Internist. This guy told me that I had the worst feet he had seen in 25 yrs of practice and my future was going to be miserable ---foot surgeries--knee surgeries---hip and back surgeries and a wheel chair within 5 yrs. The only thing I could do to HELP fight this off is lose weight. So 2 1/2 yrs later I have actually put on 20 lbs or so (how sick is that?) I have gone to other podiatrist's , but no solutions. Last year I found a great Orthopedic surgeon and he was going to start the process of rebuilding me. I was scheduled for surgery May 1,2009. He was going to break all the bones in my right foot (to start) and put me in a immobilization cast for 4-6 weeks-- wheel chair-- walker --crutches and 6 months to a year to fully heal. Then on to the next foot then my knee's. I have hyper extended joints.
When I went to my pulmonary-Internist-friend) for my final clearance for surgery----He said NO WAY!! There are no guarantees that this will work ---and you are too heavy . Lose weight-- that will help and leave your feet alone. He recommended weight loss surgery and here I am. Walking is really hard for me sooo swimming is my exercise of choice. Right now I have been told to stay out of the water for 6 weeks.

When I went to work last Friday, after not being there for 2 weeks , I was almost paralyzed by the end of the day. I know I should be walking (and want to) but it's kind of like I only have so much of my feet left and need to decide how to best use them----wow-- I'm getting teary eyed. I want vacations and everyday stuff.
Sooooo ---that's my story in a nut shell! I hope LB works for me!

Oh by the way---No stiletto's for me ---I am stuck with these butt ugly shoe's ---but they keep me walking!
It's funny when I watch people check me out ---they think-- Hmmm--cute face--ok body--uuugly shoe's! FUNNY!!

PS I am 5'4'' and weigh 212 lbs today.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Well---after going to our friends house for dinner last night I've come to the conclusion that it is really hard to eat and not drink wine at the same time and stick to a half to 1 cup of food. Wine brings my other side out ( party girl!) I had a few bites of cheese appetizer(because they wanted me to try it). 1 piece of everything pizza, 2 mussels, 2 oz tomato salad and 10oz of wine. Today I am up 2 lbs ---which is a bummer because I haven't gone up or down for 3 weeks. Now today Easter we are meeting with 5 couples for dinner---more wine!! Oh well!! I'm over it---I will be good and consistent this week.
You should see the awesome new food scale my husband bought me yesterday---clear glass and stainless ---NICE! I measured my cottage cheese this morning and I have been cheating myself;-)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

First thing this morning I was reading everyone's blogs and my husband walked in with my coffee and started laughing ---he can't believe I'm doing this. I told him I've wanted to blog for month's-(he's been too busy to help me)--but didn't know how to start --sooo I have been a voyeur ;-) Not so bad--because I have learned a lot about the LB and all of you. I am so glad to be here!
We talked about planning a trip to San Francisco for a couple of days, around the first of May. It will be our sons 19th birthday(he's a student at SFSU). We will fly up -take the Bart-stay in a cute little boutique hotel--have our son meet us and show us around and go to some nice restaurants.
Losing weight is helping to bring my old self back---my feet and weight --have been slowing me down---But my mind will NOT allow it to happen any longer! ;-)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I want to talk LB for a moment----I have a realize C with 11cc's capacity--- I was just banded 3/15/10 and my Dr. chose not to give me any fill for 6 weeks. Did anyone else have to wait?
What do you think would be the maximum amount of ounces I should consume at 1 time? I am afraid to go over 8 or 900 calories a day---but it would be real easy to.
OK---Am I the oldest person to be banded?? When my mom gave me the $ for the LB--I hesitated--she asked me what I was waiting for. She was right --we're not getting any younger---So here's to making the most of each day!

Tomorrow is my first day back at work--it should be interesting---10 hrs of standing and steps.

Thank you for joining my blog BG, Sandy and Michelle---makes me happy!

Someday I will learn how to create a scale and add pictures ---I promise ;-)