Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's a boy!

My son called me yesterday on their way home from the dr and the ultrasound shows that they are having a boy. Our first grandchild!! We are sooooooooo excited to say the least.

DH and I have a fun little trip coming up. We are flying up to San Francisco in a day or so, renting a car and driving over to Half Moon Bay to visit, good friends. Then the next day driving to SFSU to pick up our youngest son who we haven't seen since Xmas break(because he has a 30 hr a week job) that he didn't want to lose over the summer. Then, we are all driving to Sacramento. Sky(our oldest son) & Brooke are having a wedding celebration, for around 100 people. We will stay with them I get to see Brooke pregnant, for 2 days. Then Sunday we head back to SF to drop DS2 off ( because he works on Mon) then head down to HMB to visit our friends, 1 more time. Then Monday evening back to San Francisco to drop off the car and home again.

We are REALLY looking forward to seeing our family and friends.

On the weight loss front, this morning I was at a new low, 172.8. I will not add it to the ticker yet..... because.. I will see if it's still there after our trip. I rarely have any acid reflux now........which is great. I think I am truly at my sweet spot!

Not too hungry-
Easily satisfied-
Lot's of energy-
The LB tightness is comes and goes. Never, can I not eat....just sometimes less than others-
There is nothing I can not is just a matter of quantity and how much time I have to eat it-


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yes it's possible to have a colonoscopy with the LB


And the verdict is .....yes you can swallow 20 good size pills, in 2 hrs and 4 more, 2 hours later, with the LB. It was miserable.........but I think it's the same for everyone. This was my second colonoscopy in 9yrs. The first time they found nothing. This time 1 large polyp and 2 small. The dr said, she was sure they weren't cancerous, but would have them biopsied.

All you youngin's out there just wait......this is another thing you MUST deal with!

An interesting observation....I haven't had much acid reflux lately but can still feel it rearing it's ugly head sometimes. When I fasted for 2 days for this procedure, it went away totally. When I drank 1 coffee this morning with a lot of milk, I could feel it start to come back. I really do need to be careful of what I eat or drink ..or get a little unfill.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Has anyone had a colonoscopy with the LB?

First of all, thank you to everyone for your comments on my last post.

We are having a post Pismo wine tasting party at our house Sunday night for 9 people. I will need to be VERY CAREFUL, because Monday starts the whole clear liquid and pills for the Tuesday colonoscopy.

Now I have a question?.......I woke up last night thinking.... how am I ever going to get those, large, 20+ pills and all those fluids down in 2 hrs, on Monday, for my prep? Then no fluids from Monday night until Tuesday afternoon. CRAZY!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Doctor's Advice

With my husbands company possibly closing their doors ...I am on a mission to get all medical issues dealt with as soon as never knows what might happen.

I went to see my GYNO yesterday and she was surprised that I had gotten the lap band. She does not like any foreign object inside of you and said she wished i would of asked for her council first. She wants me to have it taken out when I get to my desired weight. I told her that wouldn't happen....because I couldn't stand the thought of gaining the weight back. She said VS surgery and gastric bypass were better options in her mind.

Soooo as my husband say's, I went to sleep last night with a heavy heart...or a lot on my mind.

Today, My first visit is with a gastroenterologist, because it has been 9 years since my last colonoscopy. I tell her that I have a LB and tell her what my GYNO had said,the day before. She closes the door and proceeds to tell me that her daughter who has downs syndrome, has had a weight problem all of her adult life and 2 yrs ago she did all the research and chose the LB for her daughter. 90 lbs later and still losing, they are very happy. She said older bands had an issue with (angle factor) ??? I think she said, which caused them to erode. A much better product is on the market now! So you know where I will be Monday and Tuesday of next week....on the pot and at the surgery center ;-(

Oh what a difference a day makes! I'm on my way to swim laps now. Then 3:30 mammo......I'm afraid to see what the dermatologist will do....still haven't made that appt yet.

Wish me luck!!!!!