Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We're Back

Well we're back from our trip and for the most part we had a great time. I had some pretty tight restriction several times, but no PBing. My girlfriend is a wonderful cook and made us some amazing meals which I was able to eat just the right amount of.(NICE) It's strange that you never know when you will have restriction---mostly when you least expect it----like when I had 1 french fries off my husbands plate before eating my bowl of roasted garlic tomato soup---and none of it would go down. The waitress even came by and asked if I was OK(embarrassing). When I get that stuck feeling I turn beet red and my eyes water---real cute!

Now that we are home and I am back on my routine --I really feel less restriction than at first---I hope it comes back more often. I'll keep you posted.

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Band Groupie said...

Oooo...hate that 'Is everything OK?' It always flusters me. My face goes red at the drop of a hat...or a glass of wine...I'm taking 'hot flash' pills's just my cheeks that get getting old LOL. I wanna be in wine country!

Sounds like good restriction to me...hope this one lasts! ...and I'm hoping your son's place looked better than mine...yikes!