Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday --Monday can't trust that day

I break out into song quite often---It's a good thing for me--I don't know about you? ;-)

Got my 4th fill today .6cc, which means I am now at 9.6. The PA had a hard time getting the needle in and bent the first one. She had to give me more Lidocaine then go in again for the second try.---SUCCESS----the water was moving down very slow with 1cc. I asked her why I can take so much while others really can't ---she said generally the less fat you have around your stomach the more room for the band to expand (I carry my weight on my bottom half) greaaaaat! She has only seen two people who have had their band totally filled.

You Boob gals made my weekend. Even though I couldn't make it this time, I'm saving for the next. I love all the pictures and putting names on the faces.

Take good care of yourselves -


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Drazil said...

Hope you can come next time too!