Monday, November 1, 2010


Well--- after all the pain, antibiotics, diarrhea, nausea, loss of work and money, I broke out in a rash a few days ago and have been diagnosed with shingles --not diverticulitis! My Internist thinks it might be because of losing weight and the band---just a guess---I say!!! Now he wants me to write a letter to the ER because all the symptoms I didn't have, like---no fever, low WBC count and no diverticulitis on the Cat Scan prove that I never had it. They just needed to give a diagnosis and the consequences were awful!!!

Feeling a lot better and off to a much better week!

Ate 5 or 6 pieces of Butterfinger last night and woke up at 2:00 am jacked up---who says sugar doesn't make you craaaazzzzzy?


amandakiska said...

I don't see how shingles could be related to weight loss or the band. They can be triggered by stress so I guess if you were having a lot of stress about losing weight that makes sense, but otherwise I think the band makes a nice scapegoat. At any rate, shingles can be really miserable. I hope you feel better. Make sure they give you a good pain reliever as well as anti-viral medication. Also find out if you can get the vaccine.

Sandy Lee said...

You poor thing. Shingles are one of the most painful problems. I think Amanda is right-it is sometimes triggered by stress and weightloss is stress. Hope you feel better soon.

Joey said...

Gasp. That sucks! Sending you good vibes!

Silverhairedgoddess said...

Hi, you left a comment on my last post - I am - is that what you wanted to know? - I just became a follower and will now read thru your blog.


Mary H. said...

Wow, sounds like that was quite an ordeal! I hope you get to feeling better soon! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! :) I'm going to "follow" you and keep up with your journey :)