Monday, December 13, 2010

Lost in La La Land!

I've been following everyones posts but have been too busy to compose my own--or too lazy---writing is not my forte.

Work at the jewelry store has been very busy--even though I only work 2 days a week--it is 11 hours straight on your feet and a lot of very needy people to serve. Most of the time I enjoy it!

There have been a lot of parties and dinners and many more to come. My restriction has unfortunately been waning and I find myself able to eat just about anything--even steak the other night at a party with no problems. I have been up 1.5 pounds for a week and then this morning another 1.5--for a total of 3 from my lowest-DANG!! Should I go in for a small fill? There are still so many parties coming up. My husband would like me to wait until after the holidays because he enjoys me being able to drink and eat more. I'm uncomfortable with myself ---and keeping a close eye on the scale!

I love that I look better in some of my clothes at the parties--and have noticed more men looking and more women scorning!! Funny how that works!!

My 1 year of free fills--part of my cash package deal with the WLC is almost up soon 3/15/11. They charge $290 cash for a fill, sooo- I started looking around thanks to all of you and found a Fill center USA, very close. They charge $349 for their initial visit unless they are having a special $299 deal and $165 for later fills. How does that sound to all of you out there? (They do not use a floroscope (sp?) but either does my place)

I love all the lights, smells, music and I could keep going on--of Christmas!!!! I wish I knew how to post pictures ;-)

2 blocks from my house there is a YMCA, with an outdoor 25 meter lap pool, kept around 80 degrees---NICE! Going swimming now!!


Silverhairedgoddess said...

Nice to see you posting again!

If you are able to eat everything without restriction - then that is the time to get a fill! that's what Sam (my patient care advocate) says.

I will be getting my first fill on Thursday and I think that one is included in the initial payment but I have to find out what the cost is per fill after that.

Good luck on finding the right fill center for you.

Andrew said...

I have just been through the same decision..... I was able to eat sooo much with little restriction... and had to pick either a fill or not before christmas... I chose the fill...... I feel so much more in control now.....difficult decision