Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The night before the wedding my Mother, DH and myself were all surprised with an early wedding gift.....2 framed pictures(sonograms) of our future first grandchild. OMG..... I was caught off guard to say the least. We are all so happy!!!!

The wedding ceremony was beautiful. The civil servant (?) talked about LOVE and what it meant to care for each other. Then we all drove to Avila Beach and walked around and had lunch. Then went back to our hotel, watched a beautiful sunset, then went to hear a jazz /swing band at a local club. FUN!!!

Even if we had planned this wedding for a year, I don't think it could have been any more perfect!!

On the band front everything was good until I came down with a cold. Then I became so tight I could only have a bite or 2 and very little fluid. When I got my last fill I asked them about colds and such and he said to come in for an unfill then go back for a fill when you feel better. $300 a visit, I don't think that is going to happen. Sooo right now I am trying to hold out... eat very minimally and slowly, still can't get more than a couple of glasses of water in. My DH put 2 4x4 blocks under the head of the bed frame in the guest room and that has helped acid reflux tremendously. Every day seems to be getting better ......but not a good long term solution. I hope this changes!!

I'll keep you posted!!


Gen said...

How exciting and wonderful news!!!! Congratulations!

Now I have to ask you about the San Luis Obispo area - we want to take a short beach vacation this summer in CA (easy to get there), but preferably not So. Cal. (been there, DH is not a fan). Do you think this area would be good for a vacay with our 4 kids? Is Avila beach a good spot? Sounds like it!

Meanwhile, yikes on the tightness. So sorry, I really hope you feel better soon!

Alison said...

What a lovely was to do it, congratulations!

Silverhairedgoddess said...

Yes, being tight is miserable - only good thing about the situation is that you should drop alot of pounds depending on how long it goes on.

I agree $300 a visit - that's highway robbery - my doctor charges $120 for a fill and he didn't charge me anything for an unfill which was really great of him!

Hope you feel better soon.

Rachel said...

Congrats. The wedding and the grandchild...your family is blessed.

Debi said...

I agree, congrats!! It sounded like a perfect ceremony!! And at the Beach too!

So sorry to hear about the tightness and Acid Reflux, I know how that glad it is taken care of.

Jen said...

Congratulations on the big news! Are you feeling better yet?

Beth Ann said...

I'm just catching up on blog reading, but I had to tell you congratulations!! I hope you are feeling better.