Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Too long!!

I read everyones blogs ---and love and learn from them---but somehow I feel like it is tooo much of an effort to write my thoughts down.

After reading at one point that BG kept track of all her information on FitDay --I too started to keep track of what I ate, the calories and protein.(Thank You for the help) It was a good thing for a couple of months then I started to feel like a slave to it. Then when I read on "Gen's greatest 100 pound loser's"(sorry if the name is wrong) that BG really didn't keep track physically any longer and really wasn't on a diet --I too in a frustrated moment decided to quit journaling. After all that is really one of the reasons why I got the LB--so I wouldn't always feel like I was dieting. My attitude is good --I am in it for the long haul---but---damn---the weight loss is slow. I have lost 3 or 4 pounds in the last 3 months.

I had my first throwing up episode the other night. We had gone to a friends house for dinner after a very busy 10 hr day at work and I wasn't able to eat or drink much that day. There wasn't much LB friendly food to eat(tri-tip that you couldn't chew enough) and I ended up drinking a lot of great wine. When DH and I finally got home around 1am, he pulled out a big bag of Dorito chips so I joined in. About 2 handfuls went down pretty easy BUT then look out-- I was standing over my bathroom sink pucking like crazy ( NO FUN!!!)

I am learning that my LB has it's own mind. At random times it will decide to be tight --while others I can eat anything( mostly the latter). WHAT WILL MY SWEET SPOT FEEL LIKE??? Or is this it??


Sandy Lee said...

It just seems unfair that we can't just pick up the user guide for the band and be on our way. I had the sweet spot for weeks, where I could eat a small amount and be satisfied for hours. I didn't think much about food. Then the stucks started a few days ago. Go figure. I am of the opinion that I should be able to eat almost anything just in small quantities. That's the Sweet part.

I don't track anything. And I don't write down what I eat or the exercise I do. Too much stress. But I am also a slow loser. You're a month behind me and just a month ago, I started losing again. A pound a week. It might stop for awhile but I know it will keep coming off. And just think, you say you lost 3 to 4 pounds in the last 3 months BUT remember, you didn't GAIN the same back. You will get there. I know it.

Band Groupie said...

Keep getting those fills (I can't wait for you to have the no hunger between meals)...and sorry about the first fun at all (OK, for + food = PB' least it makes ME a lot less careful LOL). Keep writing; even a few words now and then helps...I know it helped keep me accountable and supported. Luckily, I've been away and too busy to eat much, but I've been trying to watch things more closely since the gain. We'll see what happens at the Docs tomorrow! I SO believe in you and I know you're going to get doesn't matter how long it takes as long as the result is the same! I wasn't a fast loser either, but down is still down and a success in anyone's book! Keep it up!

Lap Band Gal said...

yep, my band plays up on me too..sometimes tight...and then sometimes I can eat a truckload of bad foods...

Janice said...

I use, but not regularly. If I feel the scale is not moving, I enter my foods for the day just to get an idea where I'm at. I'm pretty aware of calorie counts for what I eat by now, so I can do a quick calculation in my head. I have my 3rd fill scheduled for Aug. 11th and I just had surgery May 25. I teach school so I wanted to get fills in before school starts. Plus, I get my first three fills free if done in 90 days. The fills slow me down. So far my weight loss is averaging close to 2 lbs a week. I know that will slow down with time. You are losing, not gaining...that is good. I think another fill or two could get you closer.
I have 6.5 cc in my 14 cc band. If I eat too quick, I get the feeling to rest a bit and slow down. Other than that, I still can eat about anything. My focus is protein and six small meals a day. That way I never feel deprived.

Hang in are going the right direction. Happy Weekend!