Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dazed after the 4th

The long weekend is over --but somehow I am having a hard time getting back on the wagon. We did have a great time with family and friends-
It was also the first year my DH and I haven't volunteered to work at a fire works booth for 5 years or more. NICE!!

Someday I promise to learn how to take pictures and add them to my blog---they really do make for a more interesting story ;-)

After my second fill 3 weeks ago I was amazed at how restriction felt. Now I feel a little stuck if I eat too fast --so I slow down and wait 5 minutes or so. I can eat anything and do not really fill up fast. I am having a hard time not eating too much and making the right choices. I do feel like I can have anything I want but try to keep the portions smaller. I have lost 6 pounds in the last 3 1/2 months and none really since my 3cc fill 3 weeks ago. My next fill isn't until Aug 18th. DANG!!!
I am pretty good with exercise--I swim 3-4 days a week (laps for 45 mins )and work standing up for 10 hours every Friday. Besides taking care of a yard and garden and keeping the house clean ---that's about all the standing up my feet can handle.

I wonder where my sweet spot will be---and what will it feel like? I hope it stops me from wanting to eat!


Sandy Lee said...

You will get there. It is hard to be patient though. I am even more restrictive 4 weeks since my last tiny fill. I was stuck most of yesterday. The weight loss is slow but going down. That's what you have to keep thinking about. You're doing great on the exercise front. Keep it up!

Band Groupie said...

No hunger will soon be yours...stay positive! I had to relearn how to eat after each fill too or the PB's took over LOL!

Janice said...

Just read thru your blog. I have only had one fill, a little over a week ago (5 cc) in my Realize band. The first few days I could feel some restriction, but not so much now. I have lost a few lbs. since the fill, but have plateaued since then. I know what you mean, it is hard to be patient. I'm getting another fill in a couple of weeks. I wanted to wait until I got back from a business trip. I worry sometimes drinking a few sips with my meals is causing my food to slide down and then I don't get the feeling of fullness. I don't drink a lot when I eat, but a couple of ounces.

Hope you find your sweet spot sooner than later. :) You are losing and that is what is important! Happy Weekend!