Thursday, February 24, 2011


OK ---I know you have heard me say this before but I must repeat it.


Even in prior jobs, I would be given a secretary, because I do have some very necessary skills, but computers and typing are not part of them. I am one of those that starts pushing buttons when I can't make something happen! SCARY!!

I want to post pictures, I want to have a roommate in Chicago, I want, I want-----


Sandy Lee said...

Don't worry, we will get you a room mate in Chicago. I might be coming so let me worry about getting you all set up. We did it by e-mail last year and will again so the hotel wasn't identified.

If you want to post pics, use the little Picture icon (Insert Image) when you create a new post. If you push it a screen comes up to browse for a picture. Find it on your computer and wait for it to come up in the window(if it's big, it can take a minute or two). Then use the Add Selected button at the bottom. One step at a time.

Band Groupie said...

Please email me when you get a minute

Maria said...

Hi...thanks for the comment on my page...I live right by South Coast Plaza...we are definately neighbors!