Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Is the "sweet spot" soooo precise? Does 10.1 put me over the edge while 9.6 does so little? Just so you know the acid reflux went away instantly. I have restriction but can still eat quite a bit and find my self circling the kitchen, far too often! It has taken me 2 weeks to lose the 4 lbs, that I gained back instantly --NO FAIR!!. My doctor is going on vacation so they extended my last visit for 10 days. Maybe at that point I will get .25cc's---

What do you think?

It will be my last prepaid visit. I'm having my first blood work done also, that will be interesting.

On another note---great things are happening here--

1)We are leaving on March 2 for two weeks in Kauai-----

2) My future daughter in law??? who has been mostly living with us for the past 1 1/2 years, past her Nursing Exams and has moved back with my son.

3)Our other son is doing well in college and just got a part time job---and told me the other night that he was feeling basic contentment lately---which is good because he has been depressed in the past.

4)I've lost 44 pounds and feel better most everyday!!!!

5) We're all going to CHICAGO!!!!!!



Barbara said...

Sounds like you have alot of great things going on in your life :).. and hear you with trying to figure out where the sweet spot is.. I thought I was there and .5cc put me there. its amazing how such a tiny little volume can make all the difference in the world

Gen said...

Can you believe .05 ccs totally brought me to the sweet spot? Not 5 ccs, not .5, but .05! Crazy!

Rachel said...

I feel your energy!!!! It's awesome.

Sandy Lee said...

Just saw your comment. Not sure if I will be able to make it to Chicago. We are on a Mediterranean cruise in Sept (for our 30th) but haven't booked the date yet. If we go earlier I can also squeeze in Chicago. I roomed with Robin ( last year so if I can't make it I think she is going. It all seemed to work out last year with roomies. Steph was a great help to get us matched up. Send me an e-mail at ysandray@gmail. I couldn't find yours at my fingertips so am posting here.