Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Ok.....this new blogging format stuff.....sure is weird .....for computer challenged people, like myself! I just got back from a 2 day trip to San Diego. I visited a girlfriend who is going through reconstructive surgery from breast cancer. OMG!.. Is she a positive person....these kind of life changing trials, are NOT for sissies! She is staying in one of the most beautiful apartments, at the entrance to Mission Bay....water and beach forever views.....NICE!! Inspiring!! Enjoy your HUMP DAY!


Beth Ann said...

Change is hard. It's nice that you had a good visit with your friend. :)

Dinnerland said...

I know about the blogger format-- UGH!! Anyway: I also saw that your arm was bugging you-- how are you doing???
My sister had recon surgery after BC and she now has amazing bionic breasts that are made of her own tissue, that took many years to sort out (she had implants before)... and she is doing well. I wish your friend the very best.