Monday, April 26, 2010

What 5 cc's gets you

OK it's official--the PA took me into the room asked me if I was excited --You Bet!!!---asked me to lie down ---gave me a shot of Lidocaine---probed around for the port--found it---stuck the needle with 5 cc's in it---it was a very different feeling and sound (kind of a gurgle and the sensation of water swirling around my band for the first time). She then had me sit up and drink 3 large gulps of water --that went down very easily. That's it!! I asked when I come back --she said 7 weeks. I asked what if I have NO RESTRICTION? She said maybe you won't--it usually takes most people 3-4 times. I asked why I had to wait so long ---she said it was a overbooked scheduling issue---GREAT!!
So today liquids--tomorrow mushies---then eat very slowly and chew -chew -chew. She wants it to take 40min to eat 1/2 cup.
As the Lidocaine is wearing off right now --I do have a weird numb and tingling feeling in my left arm and hand. Different??
I just made myself a cup of mint tea and my band or stomach is singing praise--funny!


Jessica said...

7 weeks?! Yikes. Hopefully you have some restriction, but if it turns out you don't, I would get on their cancellation list and get in sooner! That is way too long to make someone wait!

Lonicera said...

Hi - thanks for the nice remark on my blog!
Seven weeks is ridiculous - they should see you once a month. It's not just the restriction you need, but also the knowledge that you will be checked once a month, and it makes you work a bit harder. Couldn't they book you for several appointments ahead a month apart? Lots of luck to you! Blogging really does help.