Sunday, April 4, 2010

Well---after going to our friends house for dinner last night I've come to the conclusion that it is really hard to eat and not drink wine at the same time and stick to a half to 1 cup of food. Wine brings my other side out ( party girl!) I had a few bites of cheese appetizer(because they wanted me to try it). 1 piece of everything pizza, 2 mussels, 2 oz tomato salad and 10oz of wine. Today I am up 2 lbs ---which is a bummer because I haven't gone up or down for 3 weeks. Now today Easter we are meeting with 5 couples for dinner---more wine!! Oh well!! I'm over it---I will be good and consistent this week.
You should see the awesome new food scale my husband bought me yesterday---clear glass and stainless ---NICE! I measured my cottage cheese this morning and I have been cheating myself;-)


Girl Bandit said...

Cheating in a good or bad way??? I am a wine girl too...hic hic

Sandy Lee said...

I don't pass up the wine either. I even did a post about it ( and some docs recommend. Just not to excess. Girl Bandit and I have this back and forth thing about drinking wine and if we should give it up. Never. It is part of life. My first choice would be beer but I haven't been able to drink it since I was banded, so the default is wine.

Glad you had a lovely time over Easter. And we can be "good" again tomorrow.