Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wow---I can be such a party girl. We went to Portland , Oregon for the last 5 days to celebrate my husbands parents 60th anniversary. They are pretty heavy drinkers under the circumstances---and I found myself not wanting to resist. Kind of like when in Rome do as the Roman's do. When I drink I am not real good with my food choices sooooo---We're back and I am up 5 or 6 pounds. Taking Prednisone for a week also didn't help---but I can tell you I have a new sense of purpose thanks to the LB and all of you out there. My first 6 week fill is this coming Monday( I have NO restriction now). Can't wait for a little help here ;-) Especially because we have several more fun trips planned in the next month or two.


Band Groupie said...

Hey GF! Just wanted to thank you for the really nice comment today and I'm catching up on how you're doing! Sorry about the feet and I hope the WL makes it a lot better.

OK, I'm waiting with baited breath...'apprehension'? LOL...don't worry, I can take it...I appreciate honesty!

Here comes that first fill!

Sandy Lee said...

It's the prednisone. Never knew a worse drug to add pounds so quickly. Hope you have a nice fill. I'm booking one for May 3rd. The last one helped a bit but I still need to top it up. You'll get there and wow us all.