Thursday, May 27, 2010

Need to post

I started to complain about no restriction ---then chose not to. I find it hard to find things to blog about---actually I give much better phone or one on one. I went swimming this morning --it is beautiful here. Lot's of gardening to be done --I have many tropicals and they grow fast.
Next Thursday my husband and I are going wine tasting with 2 other couples for 4 days. We are staying in this great little hotel on the beach in Pismo Beach, Ca. and commuting to Paso Robles, for wine tasting . We are going to rent a van so we can all ride together and have room to bring home our cases of wine. FUN!! So somehow I need to figure out how to lose a few pounds so I am ahead of the game for next week. Can't wait until I don't have to diet any longer. My next fill is June 14 and I really haven't lost any weight for 2 1/2 months ---But on the up side I haven't gained any either. I do feel like my clothes and attitude are better ;-)
Have a great Memorial weekend everyone!


amandakiska said...

Have fun!

THE DASH! said...

Where you're going sounds amazing. Drink wine but most of all, have some fun!!

Robin said...

Sometimes (very rarely) posts make me miss CA (both southern and the bay area). Your mention of swimming and your tropical plants just about did it (well, along with your wine holiday!).

Have fun!

Girl Bandit said...

Have a great time and just blog about whatever you are feeling