Thursday, May 13, 2010

No Dieting !!!

It is really hard to maintain or lose weight when you have no restriction. As much as I really don't want to ever be on another diet ---I am always counting calories and exercising and journaling ---with no LOSE!! Just like before!! My Dr makes you wait 7-8 weeks between fills and my first one 3 weeks ago didn't help at all.
A funny thing happened during my last fill ---I asked the PA to explain --SLIDERS--to me and she asked if I was talking about small hamburgers.
Kinda of indicative of this surgery center.
Well it's a beautiful day here in paradise --I've already been swimming and my garden is calling. My paramedic/firefighter son is coming in from Northern CA. this afternoon to visit for a few days---FUN!!
Next week we're driving to San Francisco to bring #2 son home from college for the summer.
Sounds like lots of opportunities to eat and drink things I shouldn't.


Marie said...

Good luck and have fun with your son. I'm also counting calories and it sucks. Only one fill and I do have some restriction but having a hard time with the slider foods - chips and crackers are my downfall. This weekend I have high school friends visiting so it will be the wine!

amandakiska said...

Hang in there! My second fill made sooooo much diference.

Girl Bandit said...

Hang in there...just try to choose somethinng healthy at eat meal if you are sick of calorie counting...I do that...Have fun with your son

Fiona said...

Do you know what your post made me think thats exactly what I am doing. I am on a DIET! Wow why didnt I see this before. I am sticking to 1000cals a day and exercising so wheres the difference? Why couldn't I stick to this before the band? Maybe thats the answer. With out that little bit of rubber having a strangle hold on my stomach I couldn't do it. Having the band still means being on a diet, well for me anyway. I hope we both get our second fills and get to ease up on the dieting a bit. Good luck x

Band Groupie said...

The dieting will go away when restriction comes (and my first fill made no difference either). try not to get too frustrated (I know, easier said than least for me LOL).

Have a great time and enjoy yourself!