Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm almost finished doing laundry,watering and packing. We are leaving early tomorrow morning on an 8hr drive to SF to bring our son home from college. We plan on spending a day or 2 with our friends in Half Moon Bay ...FUN!! Took our dog to stay at my Mother's and she filled the car with (dishes,towels,microwave.....and you name it) for our sons off campus apartment. He will be moving into it in Aug.
Wish I had some restriction --it will be hard to be in control under these circumstances.
Have a great weekend everyone----and as Sandy said"a toast to the Queen"


Sandy Lee said...

Have a great safe trip. Restriction will come one of these days.

THE DASH! said...

Hey there,
Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. So nice to see a new face :)
You are going great guns so far - thrilled for you - and what a lot of fun you're having on the way down. Congrats on your band and I hope that restriction (from an earlier post you made) hits you soon enough. It's rough when you're hungry all the time :)