Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where do I start?

It's been weeks and a lot of water has flowed under the bridge-

I'll start with 2 weeks ago, the week leading up to my birthday was great!! I talked my self into buying this beautiful tourmaline (rubilite) and diamond ring from the jewelry store where I work. It's beautiful! Got lots of gifts and cards with loving wishes. Had really been feeling at the top of my game. Hosted a sit down dinner for 12 for an old neighbor who was visiting from Kauai, on my birthday. Finished washing dishes that night and fell into bed exhausted and woke 1 hr later with excruciating pain, radiating from under my ribs on the left side near my port. Didn't sleep all night--suffered the next day. Called the Lap band clinic -they said to take Tylenol-sounded like a pulled muscle or go to the ER. Next day was still really bad -went to see my Internist(who had recommended Lap Band). I told him I thought I might have a kidney stone and he said NO WAY-he thought it had something to do with the band and told me to call them back. When I did they never called me back. I HAD to go to work on Friday -they let me go home after half a day. When I got home I was in so much pain I couldn't lie down. I called my husband and he came home early and we went to the ER ( at the hospital that did my surgery) where they gave me morphine and did a Cat Scan and blood work. The results were I have Diverticulitis----soooooo painful! They gave me 2 heavy duty antibiotics, that I need to take for 10 days. I am still 4 days out,8 total, still in pain and the anti's give me radical diarrhea and nausea. The only good part is I have lost 7 pounds.

Now the saddest part of my story is my dog Luna, a Corgi /Golden Retriever(the cutest and sweetest dog you've ever seen) passed away yesterday. She was 17 years old and started to not feel well on Sunday. She wouldn't eat or take liquids. My husband and I decided I would watch her yesterday ( she actually never let me out of her sight) and if she was in pain we would take her to the vet. By 3:00, I called him and our favorite vet was in and said he would have time at 5:30, to examine her. DH came home at 5:00 sat and petted her for 10 min--picked her up to carry her to the car and she died in his arms on the way to the car. It was an amazing moment --like she was lifted up by Angels. We didn't need to make the final decision--she saved us from that. We miss her very much!! It's very lonely walking into an empty house.

Life is an amazing thing! Enjoy it!!

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amandakiska said...

So sorry about Luna. Our dear friends just don't live long enough.

And I'm sorry about the pain. I hope you're feeling better!