Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yes it's possible to have a colonoscopy with the LB


And the verdict is .....yes you can swallow 20 good size pills, in 2 hrs and 4 more, 2 hours later, with the LB. It was miserable.........but I think it's the same for everyone. This was my second colonoscopy in 9yrs. The first time they found nothing. This time 1 large polyp and 2 small. The dr said, she was sure they weren't cancerous, but would have them biopsied.

All you youngin's out there just wait......this is another thing you MUST deal with!

An interesting observation....I haven't had much acid reflux lately but can still feel it rearing it's ugly head sometimes. When I fasted for 2 days for this procedure, it went away totally. When I drank 1 coffee this morning with a lot of milk, I could feel it start to come back. I really do need to be careful of what I eat or drink ..or get a little unfill.



Linda said...

Well that's good to know - I do have to have one sooner than I think. I battle with reflux too and it's never at night like most who may be overfilled. It's in the morning if I have too much coffee without any food. I know I should give up coffee, but I can't.

Ronnie said...

I'm glad all went smoothly for ya, no unfill required! And glad the results were so good!

Dinnerland said...

Sorry I didn't see your post sooner-- I think I have had a colonoscopy w/ lb but I can't remember!! I have had several b/c I had an uncle who died of colon cancer at age 39.
I am SO glad you went and had your polpys found and removed!!! Yay for prevention of disease.
And very interesting note about the fasting causing decreased reflux, I think that means you were swollen before, and if it is coming back - you may be swollen again. Perhaps it is time for a teeny unfill to keep the reflux away??

Beth Ann said...

Very good to know. That is one of the many things I'm not looking forward to along with mammograms! :)

kagead said...

Thanks so much for the kind comments on my blog! I've been trying to follow you, but blogger keeps dropping me. :( Hopefully it will stick this time.

Can't wait to meet you, too!

Band Groupie said...

Hey sweetie! Finally a moment to breathe here and I'm catching up with you! Wine tasting sounds like a blast! I just got off a call with a good friend (made through LBT) who lives in Pismo...I'll have to make it out that way sometime to enjoy the wine!

JMO; Keep taking the Zantac if you need it...I take one every evening. I think with some of us, restriction just goes hand in hand with acid reflux (=me). While I'm not willing to live with acid reflux and the terrible effects that can happen with it, I've gotten comfortable with the fact that I may have to take something to keep it under control. I'd rather not live taking a PPI (haven't had to start that again), but I think if I had to again, I'd probably consider even that. Uncontrolled reflux though, = unfill. And just tastes better with an antacid LOL.

Sorry about the colonoscopy, never fun...and hey, I have to have one every 5 years! I'll be thinking good thoughts for your DH and you about the job...we're a little worried about something similar, and have been scheduling medical things as well LOL. Job stuff certainly gets to be a bigger worry the older we get too, doesn't it...sigh.

Lets talk soon! -BG (I'm having big Blogger issues, so I'm not sure I'll show up here)

Andrea Brooks said...

Not really looking forward to having to do this, but glad to know it's not a problem! Thanks for following me! :)