Thursday, June 2, 2011

Doctor's Advice

With my husbands company possibly closing their doors ...I am on a mission to get all medical issues dealt with as soon as never knows what might happen.

I went to see my GYNO yesterday and she was surprised that I had gotten the lap band. She does not like any foreign object inside of you and said she wished i would of asked for her council first. She wants me to have it taken out when I get to my desired weight. I told her that wouldn't happen....because I couldn't stand the thought of gaining the weight back. She said VS surgery and gastric bypass were better options in her mind.

Soooo as my husband say's, I went to sleep last night with a heavy heart...or a lot on my mind.

Today, My first visit is with a gastroenterologist, because it has been 9 years since my last colonoscopy. I tell her that I have a LB and tell her what my GYNO had said,the day before. She closes the door and proceeds to tell me that her daughter who has downs syndrome, has had a weight problem all of her adult life and 2 yrs ago she did all the research and chose the LB for her daughter. 90 lbs later and still losing, they are very happy. She said older bands had an issue with (angle factor) ??? I think she said, which caused them to erode. A much better product is on the market now! So you know where I will be Monday and Tuesday of next week....on the pot and at the surgery center ;-(

Oh what a difference a day makes! I'm on my way to swim laps now. Then 3:30 mammo......I'm afraid to see what the dermatologist will do....still haven't made that appt yet.

Wish me luck!!!!!


Beth Ann said...

We can get a lot of advice from a lot of people, but we each have to do what is right for us. :)

Good luck!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

My gyno actually has a band too, so we've had many frank discussions about WLS options, she and I both agree that it's a great option. Next time you see her ask her what she tells patients who have breast implants or and artificial joints. You've had great success, glad the other doc agreed!

Sandy Lee said...

Yesterday my fill doc told me that the sleeve and bypass are not the end of obesity. The sleeve can stretch and one ends up with a similar size stomach. Believe me, you made the right choice. Less invasive.

I was a bit shocked that Marie (the Unknown Bander) had problems finding health coverage because she had the band. I hope you don't have the same problem. Guess we Canadians are not in such bad shape. I may not have been the biggest loser with the band but it has made me so much happier and healthier. Your ob/gyn needs to do a bit more research or at least read a few of our blogs. You did the right thing. Really. Can't wait to see you in Chicago.

Rachel said...

Carnie Wilson is not unusual...a lot of gastric bypass patients regain weight. And when I went to get my thyroid taken out, the woman in the next bed was a gastric bypass patient with severe complications. I honor the fact that gastric bypass helps people get healthier but I think the band institutionalizes long term change if you use it right. My weight loss has been slow but I feel like it will be long term because I'm internalizing it.

Also you have been successful and you are healthier because of the band. You are living proof of its power!!

Read said...

This thing I liked least was your doctor's negativity - You'd already had the procedure - and it was at that point she wanted to talk you out of it - how about a different tact... how about (if she truly doesn't like this procedure)... maybe some words of future caution - things you'd want to be looking for - vs. you should take it out - That just shows a lack of respect for your intelligence and decision making ability. I truly don't like your Dr. - sorry.