Monday, January 17, 2011

Maybe this can help

I still have this terrible cold and last night was an eye opener. I finished dinner at around 8 and I didn't go to bed until 11:30 and had nothing else to eat. Before I went to bed I decided to drink a glass of water because this cold comes with a terrible cough and I thought it would be good to be hydrated. As soon as I laid down I started to cough and get acid reflux ( this hadn't been a problem in the past). Until 2:30 --I just laid there and coughed and listened to my throat,port,stomach and you name it gurgle and burn. Finally I got up and went and got 2 extra pillows so I could sleep elevated. When ever I cough my husband tells me to drink water.

Well --here's my conclusion after all of that! If you have acid reflux at night-- sleep elevated. Some Dr just said something about using your PDR's under the feet at the head of your bed. And---- don't drink water if you have acid reflux at night. Because that is what really caused it to happen. The water just kind of festered in my stoma area because of the coughing.

I finally fell asleep after sucking on a cough drop for a little while.

ACID REFLUX is bad and I couldn't imagine living with it and what the long term consequences could bring!

Be well my friends!


Lee Ann said...

Ouch, sounds like a miserable night, but thanks for the might come in handy should I ever get surgery, lol.

amandakiska said...

Thanks for the tip! I have noticed the acid/water connection before. I wonder why that is? If I have acid reflux, I usually haven't eaten and have just had water to drink. Eating actually makes it go away.

Drazil said...

Feel better soon hun!

Gen said...

So sorry! The reflux nights are horrible. I've never had it except for the overfill episodes. I read somewhere to take Mucinex - it cuts down on the mucus that can cause reflux.

Feel better!