Thursday, January 6, 2011

A lot going on

First I'd like to say once again ---it is a privilege to read all of your posts ---I get sooo much usable information and joy from your words!

I went in for a fill on Monday because I--and my husband--noticed that I could eat a lot more than I did in Oct, with my last fill. Also, I paid cash for my band so I have until March 15, paid for. The nurse gave me .5cc, bringing me up to a total of 10.1 in an 11cc band. I'm a little tighter--but not that tight! I wonder what happens if I hit 11cc? When I went to register my weight on Realize my success, there was a 'RECALL" of my band posted. WEIRD! SCARY! They say that the defect only happens to 1 in a 1,000---but still!! ;-(

I am the same weight as I was in Oct, 191.8, but at least I made it thru the holidays with no gain. That would be unheard of in the past!! That would be considered a NSV--right?

You all have made me so envious with your new clothes. I feel like I really look different , but, I still wear the same size and clothes ---They just fit me better now! Funny! When I go shopping I think and feel like I should wear all these smaller sizes--but, they don't fit ;-(
I must say I have pretty good self esteem --because I look better in my minds eye than my dress size says.

Is that so bad?


Rachel said...

LOL...I can totally relate. I've lost 21 lbs but I still wear my same clothes...but I look better because I've gotten rid of the tightness and muffin tops...

You have great self esteem and that will get you to your goals!!

Silverhairedgoddess said...

Definitely, that is a NSV - not gaining and maintaining during the holidays so congrats.

I hope this fill will get you loosing again!

I know what you mean - I feel I should be wearing smaller sizes cause I feel so much smaller which is funny because in my past life, I always felt bigger than my size !!! Maybe that's a N.S.V. - what do you think :)

Sandy Lee said...

I will be the one to tell you to buy some new clothes. I think it hit me when my pants were so baggy and I didn't really think I had lost much. What a difference having clothes that fit. And you are down 37 pounds so get ye out of those baggy things. You will notice a big difference. And yes, not gaining during a holiday is definitely an NSV.

Gen said...

I think your actual fill level is not necessarily what they think it is...This whole overfill situation I got into started when the doc pulled out my "supposed to be 7.6 ccs" in 10 cc band and only "found" 5 ccs! Well, thats WRONG, obviously, since I only needed a fill of .05! Some of it evaporates. So don't worry about the number.

Thanks again for your supportive comments!