Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just Wondering??

My last fill was a month ago and at that point they put in .5 cc's bringing me up to 10.1 in an 11cc band. I was Ok tight wise for the first week and then I got a very bad cold /flu /cough thing and my band became very tight---with the side effect being acid reflux when I lie down or drink water or eat some foods. I also started taking Juice Plus+ a concentrated fruit and vegetable supplement during that period and wonder if that was causing the acid reflux so stopped taking it. Nothing changed! Now my cold is 90% over and I still have the acid reflux. It is not usually really bad but I always know it is there---kind of an acid feeling in my throat all the time. The good part of all of this is my weight loss has been great!! Love feeling like I'm not hungry and can truly only eat a little bit.

But here's the deal---I don't think it is good for the long term to have this condition. Will it change when my cold is totally over? Should I go for just a little unfill?

What do you think?


tessierose said...

I never have reflux, but I definitely get tighter when I have a cold or allergies. Hope you get some releif soon, it is definitely not good to be having reflux!

amandakiska said...

I would call your fill doctor. In general they don't want us to have on-going reflux. For some taking a daily medication like Previcid does the trick.

Jacquie said...

I would call your doc. I just had a complete unfil and while talking to my doc about reflux he scared me very much. He said acid reflux is NEVER good. It can do serious damage to your esophegas and in extreme instances, cause cancer. Please call and then decide what to do.

Gen said...

I agree with Jacquie. I bet you could have a tiny bit taken out and still continue losing. Reflux is not good!